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an introduction

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  • You're free to add borders, add text, do whatever you wish to these. You don't need to ask.
  • My only real stipulation is that you don't redistribute these icons and claim them as your own.


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NOTE: At the moment, I'm not actually looking for new affiliates unless you meet one of these conditions: a) you and I are already acquainted, via a game or somewhere else on teh Interwebz, b) you and I were affiliates back at GJ and I didn't transfer the affiliation over because I suck [and I'm sorry!], or c) our icon journals cover similar "genres" of subjects or many of the same subjects. Why? I figure the affiliation system is more helpful this way. If you're looking for lists of icon makers, check out the awesome helpfulness of [info]iconwatch.


The pictorial directory is in the following post.
If you're looking for specific characteristics or fandoms, you might find browsing the tags helpful.


the directory

The Men )

The Women )

quidditch teams [13 icons]

These are a few years old (yikes), but I never reposted them after GJ flatlined. I don't have the original files anymore, so I'm unable to edit/fix them. (So, um, sorry for the misspelling, Kenmare fans. I include it only for the sake of completeness.) PLEASE feel free to redo, remix, edit whatever you'd like.

Quidditch Teams


Quidditch Teams )

liam aiken [75 icons]

Liam Aiken


Liam Aiken )

noel fisher [53 icons]

If you're looking, [info]haggardassicons has more Noel Fisher icons. :)

Noel Fisher


Noel Fisher )

matt dallas [57 icons]

Matt Dallas


Matt Dallas )

matt dallas [27 icons]

Dear Matt Dallas: Ditch the round Harry Potter glasses. I know some people use you as a Harry PB, but I don't. So!

Matt Dallas


Matt Dallas )

krysta rodriguez [28 icons]

The original superstar swing of Spring Awakening!

Krysta Rodriguez


Krysta Rodriguez )

jonathan b. wright [69 icons]

Bet you he's going to be a really popular PB once Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist comes out, because it looks like a) the movie's going to be good, and b) JBW is going to really funny in it. But in my heart, he'll still be the most deadpan, lecherous schoolboy in all of 19th century Germany.

Random trivia: he's the only PB for whom I've ever cropped David Hasselhoff out of a photo!

Jonathan B. Wright


Jonathan B. Wright )

edward tournier [22 icons + 1 banner]

I know this is a tiny, lower-quality set, but I've had these sitting around without hopes of growing, and he is SO adorable, and I make exceptions for adorableness.

Edward Tournier


Edward Tournier )

chandeep uppal [53 icons]

So I hear that Echo Beach is definitely canceled, and apparently the kids at Moving Wallpaper are writing and producing a zombie show next season instead. That'll likely be an improvement, but I have to admit that I hope Jason Donovan sticks around to play a zombie. Or a zombie hunter. Either way, I'd be happy.

Chandeep Uppal


Chandeep Uppal )

matt dallas [70 icons]

You know who's nice to look at? Matt Dallas. I have no idea if he can act or not, but he's pretty pretty.

Matt Dallas


Matt Dallas )

aaron stanford [100 icons]

All from Tadpole, because he's adorable in it. I skipped the sideburns scenes, though, because I'd never be able to take those icons seriously. :)

Aaron Stanford


Aaron Stanford )

hannah lederer-alton [103 icons]

I think she's totally adorable. :/

Hannah Lederer-Alton


Hannah Lederer-Alton )

jonathan readwin [101 icons]

I ought to be embarrassed about this, but what's worse is that by the end of Echo Beach, I wasn't just watching to see all the jokes set in place by Moving Wallpaper. I was watching in an "Oh my gosh if Brae doesn't tell Jackie he loves her (even if that'd totally be a dick move right after Ian just proposed to her) I might DIE" sort of way. :( I really shouldn't watch soaps. But, well, I want to use this guy as a PB, so.

[One day I'll master the art of consistent coloring. I swear. But in my defense and in my opinion, the lighting in this show sucked.]

Jonathan Readwin


Jonathan Readwin )

élodie navarre [37 icons]

Élodie Navarre


Élodie Navarre )

arthur jugnot [38 icons]

Arthur Jugnot


Arthur Jugnot )

matt wertz [24 icons]

Matt Wertz


Matt Wertz )

alejandro fuentes [25 icons]

Alejandro Fuentes


Alejandro Fuentes )

ben whishaw [51 icons]

This kid is the bee's knees. Within a three year period, he'll have played on the big screen Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Sebastian Flyte, and John Keats. How cool is that?

Ben Whishaw


Ben Whishaw )

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